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Ontdek de verhalen van onze gasten over hun ReWild Away ervaring

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Vanessa H.

uit Duitsland - April 2024

Tanzania & Kenya with the heartwarming people of rewildaway!


Having been to Tanzania once before with my boyfriend in 2021, but in the southern part (Mikumi, Ruaha & Selous), it was clear to us that we had to return one day.


And so we got in touch with Ineke from rewildaway. She responded to our wishes and made us a great offer for our dream trip 2.0. We decided to add a few days in Kenya after Tanzania, which we were also able to book directly through rewildaway.


Before I write about the highlights of the trip, I would particularly like to emphasize the warmth of EVERYONE at Rewildaway. Starting with Jacki & Ineke, through the guides Hassan & Jackson, to all the staff in the selected lodges.


The highlights of the trip.

- Serengeti: Huge herds of animals, an incredible number of big cats and endless expanses. The Serengeti enchanted us and we already know that we will be back.

- Ngorongoro: The landscape of the crater is unique - coupled with the variety of animals, for me it is probably THE most beautiful park I have ever visited. (And there were a lot of them.)

- Masai Mara: We had two full days in the Mara, and our guide made it possible for us to see baby lions, baby cheetahs and many other adorable animals.


The choice of accommodation was excellent. It was clean, the food was excellent and the beds were comfortable. Everything you need! You don't really stay long in the accommodation on a trip like this. The days start very early and usually end when it's dark. You are usually so tired from the events of the day that you just look forward to going to bed.


You are doing a great job! And we are already looking forward to our next trip with you.


Philipp J.

uit Duitsland - April 2024

Together with my fiancée and my father-in-law, I traveled with ReWild Away for 17 days.


First of all, we would like to say that the trip was an absolute dream. The organization was perfect and contact with Jacky and Ineke was possible at any time. We felt safe at all times and we felt that having satisfied guests is a matter close to ReWild Away's heart.


I will briefly summarize our trip below:

First we were in Tanzania for 10 days (Arusha, Tarangire, Lake Natron, Serengeti and Ngorongoro), and then in Kenya for 7 days (Amboseli, Lake Naivasha, Masai Mara and Nairobi).


We were warmly welcomed by Jacky after our arrival and had dinner together. On the same day, we met our guide Hassan, who discussed the next day and the start of our trip with us.

And then we were off, early in the morning, in the direction of Tarangire. A few minutes after arriving in the park, we saw a lioness sitting in a tree from a long way off. We also spotted a leopard, just to mention the highlights of the park.

We continued on to Lake Natron, a beautiful area with lots of flamingos and plenty of conversations with the local Masai.


As a passionate photographer, I was particularly looking forward to our next destination, the Serengeti! In the middle of the migration, surrounded by thousands of wildebeest, zebra and buffalo, we felt like we were in a fairytale. Thanks to Hassan, we also saw an incredible number of lions and once again we were lucky enough to see a leopard. The Serengeti is an absolute dream so we will definitely be back!


The Ngorongoro Crater was our next destination. Wow! The scenery is absolutely unique. We were able to spot a rhino from a long way off and once again had the pleasure of seeing lions. But the scenery of the crater alone makes it worthwhile.

Our time in Tanzania was coming to an end. Jacky and her husband drove us personally to the border with Tanzania and Kenya, where we were met by our new guide.


We drove to Amboseli National Park and were able to spot many elephants. In addition, and this was the highlight of the park for us, Kilimanjaro showed itself in all its glory. An unforgettable spectacle.


The next item on the program was Lake Naivasha. Truly a wonderful place to which we will return one day with a little more time in our schedule.


The trip ended with another highlight, the Masai Mara. Jackson, our guide, was an absolute professional. He navigated us to the most amazing sightings and we were able to see a whole pride of lions with 6 babies and a mother cheetah with 4 cubs. Our eyes were filled with tears of joy.


Many thanks to the ReWild Away team (Ineke, Jacky, Hassan and Jackson) for the many great highlights! We would love to come again.


Heinrich H.

uit Duitsland - April 2024

My biggest lifelong dream was to visit the Serengeti. I am 64 years old and have only seen the Serengeti in countless documentaries, including ‘Serengeti shall not die’ by Grzimek.


With ReWild Away I have fulfilled this wish. It couldn't have been more beautiful. The amazing made this journey simply unforgettable, people that will stay in my heart forever.


And then the animals … huge herds of wildebeest, buffalo and zebra, imposing elephants and giraffes, a multitude of predators such as lions and leopards.


I actually thought that I wouldn't be able to make it physically as I'd had various operations. However, the seats in the car were extremely comfortable, and seats were even removed from the car so that I had maximum legroom. I also prefer to stand. Thanks to a roof on the car that could be opened, I was able to enjoy every moment of the safari.


The whole team at ReWild Away made sure I was comfortable at all times. The accommodation was excellently chosen and the beds were comfortable. The communication was excellent and I made two friends for life in Jacky and Ineke.


All in all, memories that will stay with me forever!


PS. I was not only in the Serengeti, but also in Tarangire Park, among other places. However, I wanted to describe my personal highlight here.


Varun A.

uit India - Maart 2024

I finally found a travel expert for photographic safaris in Tanzania.
A travel company which put their heart and soul in what they do.

I have been to Kenya for 28 times and to Tanzania only for 4 times ! You know why ?

From the ocean of Travel Agents in Tanzania, how do I choose the right planner ? Because anyone can become a travel agent in Tanzania with some experience and contacts.

As a Wildlife photographer who’s been doing this since 2013 and also a frequent visitor to Kenya (28 times), I did not want to compromise on my itinerary in Tanzania. Nor did I want to do several more trips to find the right person to travel with.

I came across ReWild Away’s reel about a property in Serengeti. I have watched many videos about the stay/experience/planning in the social media but here, I have been noticing some genuine care about what she was talking. And also she’s a wildlife photographer. So I knew that she will understand a photographer’s needs.

Followed her videos for more than a month, reached out to her on Instagram and explained what I’m actually looking for in Tanzania, explained why I couldn’t easily plan a perfect itinerary for Tanzania still being a super frequent traveller to Kenya.

There are 4 main important things on a safari for a Wildlife Photographer:

* A perfect itinerary considering the weather and animal movements from absolute Live update.
* An expert driver who knows how to position and really understands wildlife.
* A place of stay which is very flexible with timings and also well located.
* Reasonable cost for all the above.

In just one week, I received an itinerary which had everything a wildlife photographer looks for.

Ndutu, Namiri, Seronera and Ngorongoro. Spent 20 days as a whole and trust me, so this was my 5th time in Tanzania but finally through an expert who genuinely cares about your experience from heart.
Got the best driver ever and also ReWild Away had been in close touch throughout and made sure everything was perfect.

This is one of the most important process that ReWild Away does. They personally ensure to travel to a place, check things on the ground level, analyse and experience the place before she takes clients on a tour. Every single experience is meticulously planned so that we have a smooth and perfect experience. And also I found out that they have a strong connection with the locals through love and kindness but not through money.

I finally found my travel partner in Tanzania and I’ll be back!

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