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Hi, we're so happy to welcome you here!

and leave Tanzani
as a
 second home

Through personal experience, we intimately understand the profound capacity of travel to transform you. It can open your mind, your heart.

A deeper understanding is evoked, of other cultures, new perspectives, about the interconnectedness of nature and people. Deep-rooted beliefs could be challenged, and a journey of self-discovery facilitated.

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At ReWild Away, we create genuine experiences that evoke heartfelt connections.

Deeper connections to the country, the people and Mother Nature.

And may be even a more profound (re)connection to yourself.


We encourage you to rewild, return to the wild and (re)connect.

And that, a-ll the-way in Tanzania.


made me fall in love

“I fell in love with its breathtaking nature, with the wild animals roaming around, but mostly because of the warm-hearted people and the deep connections I made with them.


My mission is to inspire more people to make deeper connections like this when visiting a place.


Coming as a guest and leaving a second home like family, with imprints of the local people’s and Mother Nature’s stories, is exactly the kind of living and traveling I want to encourage.”


By our founder Ineke Smeulders

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Having deep connections to Tanzania comes with the recognition of the inherent value and potential of the local community, and particularly the women who play a fundamental role in its fabric. It also entails the acknowledgement of the diverse range of challenges they face. 


We understand that empowering women doesn't just transform individual lives; it transforms entire communities, fostering growth, sustainability, and inclusivity. 


By choosing to exclusively partner with accommodations that have a management team composed of at least 50% local women or actively support women initiatives, we aim to catalyse positive change. 

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Having a big heart for our planet and its people, we are unwaveringly committed to responsible travel practices that prioritise the conservation of the environment, the well-being of local communities and the preservation of cultural heritage.


Through ethical wildlife encounters, support of local businesses, and our proactive approach towards eco-conscious practices, we aim to create meaningful and transformative journeys that leave a positive footprint on the places we visit. 



Ineke Smeulders wildlife fotograaf XGetaway en Rewild Away.jpg


Founder & Director ReWild Away - Belgium

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Director ReWild Away - Tanzania

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